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Cell bank


PrivateCell Banking is to store the most active cells when young and
healthy. There are two types of cells that can be stored: stem cells and
natural killer (NK) cells. Lifebank (self-service banking) is an effective way
to deal with illness or accident. It is also conducive to a healthy and
beautiful life.

Panacell Biotech focuses on maximizing the value of cells extracted from
cell banks.

Technological Process


Draw blood


NK cell isolation


NK cell culture


NK cell storage

Nature Killer Cell

There are many kinds of immune cells in our body. These immune cells work
together, or share tasks, to attack cancer cells, bacteria, virus-infected cells,
and more. Among them, the cells that play a very strong immune role are NK
(Natural Killer, natural killer) cells.
NK cells selectively attack by recognizing cancer cells or abnormal cells infected
by viruses.

On the surface of abnormal cells such as cancer cells, there are very few specific
proteins such as MHC Class I, and NK cells sense this and approach abnormal cells.
NK cells close to abnormal cells secrete a substance called perforin, which
perforates the abnormal cell membrane, injects an enzyme called granzyme into
the hole, and kills abnormal cells. Through the activation of this NK cell, a considerable
number of cancer cells that occur in our body every day can be removed, so that our
body can remain healthy in diseases such as cancer.

It is reported that the ability of NK cells increases with the increase in the number
of NK cells, but the activity is more affected than the number of NK cells.
Unfortunately, NK cell activity declines with age, as can various other physical causes.
Of course, new drugs that increase the activity of NK cells are being developed
recently, but the best way is to preserve NK cells when they are young and healthy.
The wise choice of collecting and storing NK cells as soon as possible will protect
everyone'slife and health.

Can I keep my health safe for future cell therapy?

Immune cells + stem cells collection and storage services

By cooperating with affiliated clinical institutions and professional medical
foundations to carry out diagnostic examinations and separate healthy
cells for storage, self-service banking services may be provided to deal with
diseases that may occur in the future.

Why choose PANACELL for stem cell storage

Obtained a world patent

Accredited cellular research and isolation and storage technology competencies.

Safety and Effectiveness

The entire process of PANACELL's stem cell system provides safe and high-level
cells compared with whole blood from the risk of contamination and cell deformation
through an automated system.

Recognized by world-renowned scholars

FDA, KFDA, BSI, CE and other global safety and effectiveness have obtained
ISO13458, ISO9001 certification.


Can preserve individual cells


The panacell stem cell system
guarantees cell number and survival rate!


Cell count check data