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CEO Speech

Choi Seung-ho

CEO of Panacell Biotech CO., Ltd

Thank you infinitely for your trust and support for Panacell Biotech
Co., Ltd. and promise to do our best in active communication and
customer service in the future.

A world where everyone in the world lives healthy and beautiful is no longer just a dream.
Recently, we humans are getting answers in the field of cell therapy using stem cells and
immune cells. We define advanced regenerative medicine by encompassing the latest
medical fields including cell therapy.

Advanced regenerative medicine is an innovative field of medical technology that can treat
many rare and incurable diseases that were considered impossible in the past. You could
call it medical technology. When we benefit from advanced regenerative medical technology,
we can activate immune cells to remove cancer cells, cultivate stem cells to treat various
diseases, incurable and incurable diseases, and can also be used for hair loss treatment and
skin care.

It opens up groundbreaking possibilities for many diseases that previously had no cure and
had to be abandoned. In advanced regenerative medicine with such epoch-making potential,
several overseas countries have already established an institutional foundation and have
taken the lead in research and development and clinical application. In Korea, an institutional
framework for advanced regenerative medicine was not prepared due to a somewhat prudent
legal approach, resulting in restrictions on related R&D tasks. There were many cases of
receiving treatment or giving up treatment.

As the need to improve these various problems expanded, Korea finally enacted the 'Act on
Safety and Support for Advanced Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Biopharmaceuticals'
in August 2019, and from 2021 to 2025, K-Regenerative Medicine
(Korea- Advanced Regenerative Medicine), the first five-year master plan was established.
Panacell Biotech Co., Ltd. was established with the goal of becoming a global company
leading the world's advanced regenerative medicine and advanced biopharmaceuticals in
line with the current domestic and international trends.

As the CEO of Panacell Biotech Co., Ltd, and as a specialist who has treated numerous
patients on the frontline of medical care, I am committed to contributing to the health of
more people and leading a new era through groundbreaking biotechnology in the field of
advanced regenerative medicine, will go into management. In addition, the executives and
employees of Panacell Biotech Co., Ltd., each possessing world-class capabilities in each
field, fulfill their responsibilities and roles with a firm vision to contribute to realizing a healthier
and more beautiful life for mankind, developing Panacell Biotech Co., Ltd. into a world-class
company. We will do it. We will do our best to fulfill our role by strengthening our
professionalism through ceaseless efforts.