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00 What is the biggest advantage of Panacell Biotech as a research institution?

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Panacell Biotech Co., Ltd. was established in 2021, but as a specialized research institute that has been conducting stem cell research since 2002, it was the 21st company among tens of thousands of hospitals and research institutes in Korea to receive a cell processing facility permit from the Ministry of Food Safety and Drug Safety in April 2022. It is a place that has been certified for its professionalism and safety in terms of facilities. Receiving a cell processing facility permit means facilities and equipment required for the collection, inspection, and processing of human cells, qualified personnel for the collection, inspection, and processing of human cells, and standards and procedures for the collection, inspection, and processing of human cells. , Panacell Biotech has a system in place to manage the quality of human cells.

In addition, we have established a vertical cooperation network with the plastic surgery hospital where CEO Seung-ho Choi is the director, and are currently being reviewed for certification as an advanced regenerative medicine institution. If it is reviewed soon, it will be the fourth such feat in the country for a member of the National Assembly level. Others July 22, 2022
ISO 14001 environmental management system certification (scope of certification: stem cell culture and cell therapy development)
We received the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification (Certification Scope: Stem Cell Culture and Cell Therapy Development), acknowledging that we have established a system for quality management and environmental management related to stem cell research.


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